Soft Pressure Washing 

SNS pressure washing uses a soft washing technique. Soft pressure washing applies special cleaning detergents at low pressure. The solution (typically bleach, water and sometimes a surfactant) safetly removes mildew, bacteria, algae and other stains. Soft pressure washing is safer for the surface and typically results in a superior clean when compared to high pressure washing with water alone. 

Soft pressure washing can be used on roofs, building exteriors, pavement and vehicles.  

Soft Washing Benefits:

  • Reduces the chances for damage and water penetration into the structure or vehicle.
  • Results in a cleaner surface due to the added cleaning agents.
  • More cost efficient because it reduces labor and set-up time.
  • Kills algae, mold and bacteria so the structure stay cleaner longer.
  • Requires less water than high pressure washing. 


SNS Pressure Washing for complete soft cleaning of homes and businesses including roof cleaning, exteriors, pavement, vehicles and more.
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